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So, How Did We Get Here Today?

In late 2006 an email announced the closing of The Original Key West Cigar Factory. Time and circumstances had caught up to KWCF and the business was no longer carrying itself in spite of loyal customers.

After several months of discussion and negotiations with Eleanor Walsh's family, an agreement was reached for Dave Uhlman and Stan Hirschman to acquire the assets of the cigar factory. Their belief was that something this good deserves to be perpetuated and they wanted to make sure that the supply of terrific cigars wasn't turned off.  The Walsh family, particularly her daughter Dianne Zolotow, liked the idea of resurrecting the cigar factory and preserving the history that is so closely tied to her mother's accomplishments. Dave & Stan saw this as a way of thanking Eleanora Walsh for her contributions and making sure the historical significance of The Original Key West Cigar Factory didn't pass quietly**.

Dave & Stan re-opened the business as an “online only” business in 2007, not only reaching out to past customers but operating a cart at Front & Duval in partnership with Paul Cavanaugh the longtime employee of Eleanor’s at the original store.  In 2010, Paul retired and the cart stopped operations.  At about that time David Bevens the owner of the new wine and cigar bar, Cork & Stogie, approached us about a retail partnership.  We’re pleased to say that since 2011 our cigars have been proudly offered and wonderfully supported by David and his family at Cork & Stogie, 1218 Duval St.

Today, in 2014, Stan has retired from the business.  Dave Uhlman is now the sole owner of The Original Key West Cigar Factory. 

So, a lot has happened since 2007.  We have introduced a Super-Premium line of cigars we call Talmaege (2012), named for Eleanor’s long time roller Talmaege Culmer who passed many years ago.  These cigars represent his commitment to quality and we are proud that they represent him well.  In 2013 – for the first time ever – we added a bright yellow band to our KWCF line of cigars.  We re-designed our Logo T-Shirts and Hats in bright yellow to compliment the new look of our cigars.  We also added a full lineup of Cigar Accessories including humidors, lighters, ashtrays and cutters. 

Please let us know how we're doing – your support is appreciated and we'll keep the cigars coming as long as we have your confidence. 

Welcome to The (new) Original Key West Cigar Factory! 

 **On a side note, the City of Key West, in conjunction with the Key West Historical Society, has created a display of the golden age of cigar making in Key West at the Fort Martello on Roosevelt at the Key West Airport and we've donated some of the historic cigar benches, presses and other KWCF paraphernalia to the museum.  Please be sure to visit the museum when in Key West.

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